Mittwoch, 25. März 2009

The Real Hip Hop - Bongo Barbershop

"The Bronx is the home of hip hop", as the Infinity Rappers and Grandmixer DST once proclaimed. Watch how East African rapper Balozi walks into a Bronx barbershop on his quest to find the real hip hop. The barber turns out to be DJ EZ Mike and in the chair next to Balozi we find none other than Grandmaster Caz. Caz and Balozi spit some rhymes while shopsweeper DOA provides the human beatbox.

Charlie Ahearn (of Wild Style fame) directed this little short movie which can be found on the 25th anniversary edition of Wild Style.

P.S. Attentive readers of my blog will recognize the Rocket in the Pocket break right at the beginning of the movie and during Caz's first freestyle.

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