Sonntag, 24. Mai 2009

Charles Hamilton - Un-Remixed

Who could have guessed that yesterday's post would turn into quite an incident?
For those that missed it: 2 days ago a video appeared on the internets with Charles Hamilton getting punched by a girl after delivering a not-so-courteous freestyle about her. Check it out:

I couldn't resist making a little remix, mixing parts of his freestyle that lead to the punching incident with one of his hits, "Windows Media Player". Here's the audio I made:

I synced the audio to the video and uploaded it to youtube. Half a day later, the video was taken down and I got a warning from youtube. This is quite fitting, as one of my last posts was about this very subject: How grassroots creativity by bedroom djs and producers gets stifled by the music industry who are using copyright laws as their weapons of choice. Ever noticed how youtube got more and more restrictive over the past months and how a lot of videos have disappeared? Yeah. Strange thing is, my little remix wasn't tackling any major label big seller - it was just a 20 second video remix of an internet rapper and a newsflash by some neglectable internet hip hop site. As the Geto Boys said:

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