Sonntag, 14. Juni 2009


Sorry to all my readers for the lower frequency of posts lately ... blame it on the summer. Here's some miscellaneous stuff before I return to substance.

- As you might have guessed from two of my previous posts (here and here), I have been a long-time fan of Glass Candy. I got to know them in an indie rock context and they seem to be mainly catering to that crowd, so it was great surprise to see that they made it into the latest issue of Wax Poetics.

- Also in that issue there's a long article about the legendary Roger Troutman of Zapp fame. It got me browsing through some talkbox videos on the tube where I found this gem:

- I've been spinning the new Lee Fields album a lot lately. I'm no expert in that genre but I like how Fields (and his backing band, The Expressions) channels the old school vibe of soul's glory days without sounding deliberately "retro":

- And last but not least, if you have a lot of time on your hands check out Phunkula's blog. This is my favorite site on the web when it comes to electro and old school hip hop mixes. Featuring many classic and sought after mixes and Phunkula's own wonderful "Boombox" series.

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