Montag, 13. April 2009

DJ Jaguarskills - 30 Years of Hip Hop Mix

British DJ Jaguarskills played this mix on his BBC Radio 1 radio show just a few days ago. It features 500+ tracks, ordered by year, in just under an hour. Jaguarskills is notorious for taking up impossible projects like this one - in 2006 he already shocked the world with a similar undertaking, his "world record mix" of 800 tracks in 48 minutes.

With about 6 seconds per song it doesn't do the individual tracks much justice, but that's probably not what he was aiming at. It's more like a gigantic namedropping, with each tune being just a tease. That said, I don't have much to complain about it. It is mixed extremely well and with the resulting time-lapse view, it does a great job at showcasing the style changes over the range of 30 years.

Surprisingly, I didn't have as many "Why didn't he include X ?!" moments as I expected. Not sursprisingly, the quality takes a downturn during the second half. But you wouldn't have expected me to say otherwise, would you?

Take a look at the MASSIVE tracklist over at BBC.

DOWNLOAD the mix here.

Jaguarskills has his own blogspot address where he frequently posts his own mixes.

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