Freitag, 10. April 2009

First Months Recap / Late Editorial

Dear readers,

thank you for your company during my first months of blogging experience! At first I had thought of the blog simply as a medium to promote my (Cosmic Rockers) tunes and provide a little background information. Instead, the whole project has turned into an extensive hip hop historiography of sorts. I will continue to shamelessly plug my own music from time to time, but the main focus will be on analyzing 80s (and some early 90s) hip hop and electro music ... with enough space dedicated to unrelated stuff I feel like covering.

I would like to encourage all readers (even if you just stumbled upon one of the posts by accident) to leave a comment! The feedback I got so far has been tremendously motivating for me ... it's good to know that there's actually someone out there who is reading this. Also, don't hesitate to correct me or disagree with me - much of what I write is either my own opinion or some dodgy theory that could use a bit of discussion.

Martin / Cosmic Rockers

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