Montag, 13. Juli 2009

Changes & Subtleties in 25 years of Pop Music Vol. 2




Mandre's "Solar Flight" is a lot less known than the omnipresent Isaac Hayes sample from the last installment of our "Changes & Subtleties" series. Mandre was a persona invented by synthesizer pioneer Andre Lewis who concealed his true identity with a helmet. Was he the first in the long line of behelmeted pop (Jonzun Crew, Devo, The Residents, Daft Punk, ...)? That's open to debate, but French disco group Space are at least close contestants, as their 1977 video "Magic Fly" proves.

DJ Jazzy Jeff appropriated this weird, sinister and spaced out piece of jazz-funk for his "Rhythm Trax House Party Style". Imagine my surprise when I found out about a recent (well...) house tune that also used it (or rather: replayed) it. I won't be covering much house music on here, but you have to admit they flipped it quite well.

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